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Laie YSA Wedding Receptions

Members of the Laie YSA 1st or 2nd stakes may request to use campus facilities for their wedding reception. This web-form is to be used by the YSA ward bishoprics or their clerks ONLY as it will help us capture all important information needed to complete the reservation. Requests may be submitted 3 months in advance. No earlier. Facilities are ONLY available for members of the Laie YSA 1st and 2nd stakes.

The primary location for the Laie YSA 1st Stake is the Stake Center Cultural Hall 1 with YSA (North) Serving Area. For the Laie YSA 2nd Stake it is room 135 with the adjacent serving area in the Heber J. Grant building. Both venues can accommodate 100 guests.

The Aloha Center Ballroom may be considered ONLY after these resources are exhausted or if the guest count exceeds 100.

During the semester, receptions may take place on Saturdays only. If available, set up may begin Friday night at 8 pm.

During the break between semesters and in the summer, receptions may take place Wednesdays - Saturdays. If available, set up may begin the night before at 8pm.

Blackout Days: Reading Days and BYU–Hawaii graduation (Ballroom only)

Bishopric Reviews with Couple

Bishopric member is to review "Rules for All Buildings", "Clean Up" and specific rules and instructions for space wanted with their ward member. A $200 refundable deposit is required and must be paid to Event Services & Outreach. Any damages to facilities OR failure to follow rules of using the facility will result in a loss of deposit. Deposit will be returned as a check in the mail to the address provided by the requester and will be processed once the facility and event has been cleared by Campus Property Services. Refunds may be expected 7-10 business days after clearance received. Receptions are limited to 4 hours; this does not include set up, decorating and clean up. Clean up time and building hours should be considered when planning the time of the reception. Setup may begin at 8 PM the night before IF it is available. Ward member may return the next morning to complete decorations.

Rules for All Buildings

Tape, nails, or pins should not be put on walls or doors. Candles or open flames are not allowed in the buildings. Straw, confetti, sand, styrofoam peanuts or similar items are not allowed. Colored drinks and soups are restricted from carpeted areas. REMEMBER: Cooking is NOT allowed in the serving areas however, it may be used for the warming of precooked foods. Money dances may take place however money must be put into an envelope at the receiving table; not placed on or thrown at the person.

Clean Up

Wash, dry and put away all plates, serving utensils and silverware in its proper location. All tables and chairs are to be wiped down. All counters and sinks must be cleaned and free of food residue. All signs must be removed, including those on campus grounds and highway. Remove all decorations. Remove all food in the kitchen, refrigerator and serving area. Remove all garbage from room, hallways, restrooms and kitchen. All tiled/wood floors must be mopped including kitchen. Set up room for class the next day. Turn off all lights, projectors, fans/air conditioning.

Rules for HGB 135 and Serving Area

Reception must be contained in HGB 135 and serving area. Use ONLY the tables and chairs in the room's storage closet. Do not overflow beyond this space. Additional set-up items are not available. The projector may be made available upon request. Screen is available in this room. DO NOT MOVE academic podium. Building closes nightly at 11 pm. Dumpsters are located outside the south corner of the building next to the serving area. REMOVE ALL RUBBISH. Do not leave food in fridge. Clean counters and sink. Vacuum carpet in HGB 135. Mop kitchen floor.

Rules for the Stake Center Cultural Hall 1 and YSA Serving Area

Use of the room is limited to the tiled areas only. Reception may not use the overflow or adjoining rooms. Only round tables and chairs are available for use.
**See your bishop for: access to the closet where round tables, chairs and 2 banquet tables are stored, member's custodial closet, a microphone or projector.
** DO NOT MOVE or USE FURNITURE FROM OTHER ROOMS! There is a projector and screen in this space. The stake center closes nightly at 9 pm; reception must be completed and cleaned up on-time. Dumpsters are located on the TVA side of the building. Helium balloons are not permitted in this space.

Rules for the Aloha Center Ballroom and Serving Area

Based on availability and if the guest count is over 100, the Ballroom may act as an extension of your stake building. Use is limited to the Ballroom and adjacent kitchen only. Garbage cans, 6' banquet tables and chairs are available at no charge; enough for 400 guests plus additional needs.

Additional Items Available for Rent

  • 4x8 stage right risers w/ 24 inch legs (9 total) $15 each
  • stairs (2 total) $29 each
  • 5ft round tables $13 each

The chair racks and black curtains must stay in the building. Do not remove them. For a fee, a grand piano may be requested. A projector and a motorized screen are available upon request. The building closes nightly at 11 pm. Dumpsters are located directly outside of the kitchen. Helium balloons are not permitted in this space.

Laie YSA Wedding Reception Request