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Asia Pacific Programs

English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program, conducted by BYU–Hawaii’s Event Services & Outreach department, is designed for youth (ages 10-18) from different countries to engage in learning English and experience the American and Hawaiian cultures. This exciting program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to improve their English through classroom, social and family settings. The program is offered twice a year during summer (June-August) and winter (January – February). Summer sessions are offered for either one to three weeks at a time and winter sessions are held for one week periods only.

TBA Sessions (subject to changes)

English Instruction Cultural Instruction

Native English speaking instructors teach the classes. Approx. 3-4 hours of daily instruction.

Engaging curriculum involving creative language lessons, collaborative learning, team building, hands-on activities, etc.

Participate in cultural experiences by learning dances, songs, and craft skills.

Enrichment of cultural awareness, traditions, and customs.

Living Environment Activities

Experience living in the peaceful community of Laie, Hawaii surrounded by the beauty of tropical nature.

Room and board in a safe environment with local host families or BYUH campus dormitory.

Students are monitored with adult supervision during all activities; providing safety and security for their well being.

Participate in indoor and outdoor recreational activities (American sports, team building activities, etc.)

Visiting historical locations of Oahu

Discover the wonders of Polynesia at the Polynesian Culture Center

For more information contact Event Services & Outreach by phone at (808) 675-3780 or by email at

Host Family

The host family program for the Event Services & Outreach department provides a great opportunity for community families to participate in helping the University build bridges with our international friends. Families can benefit from an opportunity to find out more about the world, the enjoyment of sharing new ideas, the chance to understand another person's values, to be exposed to another language, and so much more. By being a host family, families can experience the pleasure of offering hospitality and open their family's minds to the wider world.

How do I become a Host Family?

Interested families can apply at any time, but most of our home-stay programs occur in Winter (mid-January to early February) and Summer (late June to mid-August). The home-stay program varies between 1-week, 2-weeks or 3 weeks depending on the groups that participate. To become a host family, the following items are required:

1. Application Form (online)
2. Ecclesiastical Endorsement Form
3. W9 Form
4. Workday Supplier Add Form
5. Youth Protection Training & Acknowledgement

Application is good for one year.

For more information contact Event Services & Outreach
Phone: (808) 675-3780 / Email: