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Event Services & Outreach

Our Mission

Event Services & Outreach is the continuing education branch of Brigham Young University–Hawaii. The department has been building bridges between BYU–Hawaii and communities across the globe since 1955. Event Services & Outreach's mission is to offer a wealth of learning opportunities for university and community members from all walks of life to achieve academic, professional and personal growth. Programs offered fulfill a variety of learning needs through conferences, workshops, non-credit classes and many more. Take the opportunity to explore the many possibilities we have to offer

Our Location

Event Services & Outreach is located on the second floor of the Lorenzo Snow Administration Building; room 218.

Protection of Minors Policy and Procedures

BYU–Hawaii’s Protection of Minors policy and procedures are designed to ensure that a University member involved with programs with children and young people are aware of how to respond if he/she has concerns about a child or young person, in order that the child or young person may be safeguarded. The procedures apply to all children or young people participating in a University event through a University member or department.

Departments involved in any youth programs are required to train all members who participate in the program. Please have members of your department use the online presentation and acknowledgment links to complete the training. The training must be completed each year to remain compliant with the Hawaii State law.

Step 1: Access training presentation

Step 2: Complete YPP training acknowledgment and agreement form. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your submittal.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with helping the University stay in compliance with the youth protection requirements for the State of Hawaii. If you have any questions, please contact Event Services & Outreach at (808) 675-3780 or by email at