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Annual Calendaring Meeting

The Annual Calendaring Meeting held in May, reviews and schedules "Big Rock" events for the entire upcoming year; January through December. These "Big Rocks" are events that require any of the large facilities (CAC Arena, AUD, ACB, GYM Arena) or multiple facilities, the assistance from multiple resources or are for the university 'ohana or student body at large.

We invite all administrative assistants, department directors, managers, program leads, designated event coordinators and ecclesiastical stake presidencies to submit events for this meeting.

The scheduling of events follow a priority of:

  • President's Council events (devotional, commencement, etc.).
  • Academics (EYD, Undergraduate Research Conference, Math Bowl, APCC, New Student Experience, Great Ideas, academic performances, etc.).
  • Approved university activities or events, and those sponsored by the university (department banquets, Food Fest, Culture Night, etc.)
  • Seasider Sports & Activities, club activities.
  • YSA 1st, YSA 2nd and Laie Married Student stakes.
  • Where appropriate, off-campus ecclesiastical, educational, civic, community and non-university groups.

Use the annual calendaring form to submit your events.