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Event Planning Checklist - University

Plan Details Before Scheduling a Space

  • What group are you scheduling for?
    • Academic Class
    • University Department
    • Academic Club
    • SLAS Club
  • Designate a primary contact for the event (name, position/calling, email, and phone no.)
  • Designate a 2nd contact for the event (name, position/calling, email, and phone no.)
  • Event Date(s)
  • Location(s)
  • Event Start & End Time -When will the actual event start and end time?
  • Reserve Start & End Time
    • How much time do you need to setup?
    • How much time will you need to clean up?
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • Will there be food at your event?
  • Will your event's primary audience be minors (children and youth under the age of 18 years old)?
    • If yes, has all of your team members completed BYUH's Youth Protection Policy training?
    • Visit Protection of Minors on our website to take the training and complete the acknowledgement. This training is to be done yearly.
  • What resources will you be needing at your event?
    • FM Equipment: tables, chairs, etc. How many?
    • Media Services: projector, screen, mic, etc.
    • Public Safety: road closures, Security personnel, etc.
  • LAST STEP: Check the availability of the space you want to use by going to - Browse - Locations.

When you have all this information, go ahead and submit your event request through your scheduling account or your department secretary.

Review for Accuracy

  • Verify confirmation for accuracy.
  • Review policy and guidelines at the bottom of the confirmation.
  • Keep event changes to a minimum. If changes are necessary, contact Event Services & Outreach.
  • No changes allowed within 48 hours (2 business days) of the event.
  • If the event is canceled, please notify Event Services & Outreach

Day of the Event

  • Have a printed copy (or quick digital access) to your confirmation.
  • Conduct your event as planned and scheduled. Use only the space and resources you have requested during your scheduled time.
  • If you have issues with resources you requested, refer to your confirmation for contact information to directly contact the appropriate resource team.