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University Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

  • One of the easiest ways to find available rooms is to use the "Locations" link on Virtual EMS at BYUH.  Use the filters to narrow your search. Information provided includes pictures of the room and feature details; click on the name of the room for room to view a floor plan showing location.
  • How soon you should submit your requests depend on the complexity of your event.  The minimum lead time is the same day for a room with no setup; more complex event planning needs to begin as soon as academic scheduling for the semester is published.
  • Scheduling a room can be done by phoning (808) 675-3784, by visiting the Event Services & Outreach ffice in the Lorenzo Snow Administration Building room 218, or by yourself by requesting to activate your scheduling account by completing the University Scheduling Account Activation Request . Once you receive notification that your account is active and what your temporary password is, visit Virtual EMS at BYU–Hawaii and follow the instructions.
  • BYU–Hawaii has centralized scheduling. The availability of the needed resources is just as critical to scheduling as finding open space. Submit your request for custodial setups, audio/visual support, catering, etc. the same time you request your room. All campus dances must be coordinated through Seasider Sports & Activities.  If catering is involved, work directly with Catering for selections.
  • Social events targeting a campus-wide audience are the stewardship of the Seasider Sports & Activities program. Please coordinate your plans with them prior to scheduling. 
  • Consideration for sponsoring non-university organizations requires additional review. After you have received approval from your dean and the Academic VP, please fill out the Non-University Organization Scheduling Request Form to initiate the process.
  • We encourage faculty to coordinate space for their classes through their respective faculty unit’s administrative assistants.
  • Departments are responsible to maintain their individual websites where events can be posted.  If you would like to have your event added to the university’s event page, please use Submit an Event Form.
  • An event coordinator will counsel with you through your event planning. Changes can be made if there are available resources (manpower and space). Changes must be made three or more business days in advance to enable support staff to make appropriate adjustments to their workload. Thinking critically while planning your event will help mitigate late changes.
  • All space requested for personal use (not directly associated with your employment) is considered community use. Please refer to the community section of our website for more information.
  • Yes! You can authorize your student workers to schedule space for your department events. You must send their names to and have them fill out the University Scheduling Account Activation Request form. Both must be done in order to verify the activation.