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University Scheduling

Save time by centralizing your scheduling needs. The event management system (EMS) software used at BYU–Hawaii provides single-entry data for scheduling rooms and adding resources.

Keep in mind:

  1. University policies apply to events on campus. Familiarize yourself with the General Guidelines for facility use.
  2. Know what you are planning. Acknowledging in advance what resources will be needed is becoming as critical as finding open space. The Event Planning and checklist may be useful (especially if you are working with student organizers who are new to the world of events).
  3. Contact the Event Services & Outreach to initiate your event request.

NOTE: If your proposed event involves an audience beyond your normal stewardship (i.e. high school students, BYU–Hawaii campus-wide, or community) or if you are proposing co-sponsoring an event with a non-university entity, additional clearances will be required.

See also University's Frequently Asked Questions.

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