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Student Leadership & Service: Clubs Scheduling

This page is dedicated to helping club supervisors of Student Leadership & Service with the process of scheduling spaces for activities of the student clubs on campus. We encourage this to be used for training new employees or as a reminder for current staff.

Youth Protection Training

Scheduling Website

Schedule from the time you want access to the room your YOUR set up and clean up needs. For example, if you want to do decorations in ACR 155/165 three hours before the start of the event, which is 7 pm, you're going to search for the room starting at 4 pm.

  • Read the "About" for the template you're using for rules of template.
  • Make sure to use the correct template. We will deny your request if the wrong template is used.
    • Room - Set Up
    • Room Only
    • Same Day Room
    • TVA Pavilion for Clubs
    • Large Facility Request
    • Pool Request
    • Banners at BYU–Hawaii

If booking dates have passed, call or email Event Services & Outreach at (808) 675-3784 or with the following information:

  • Name of event.
  • How many people are expected.
  • Location.
  • Resources needed:
    • Academic podium.
    • FM items (at least three days in advance)
      • Club events: FM will deliver items and club must do their own set up.
      • Department events: a map is required the same time reservation is made.

Reading Day: Student activities on Reading Day is not allowed.

Banners on campus: Banners page.